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Curriculum vitae

 László, PETHÖ PhD habil., sociologist, andragogist, born: Sátoraljaújhely, May 7, 1945. Education: University. Milestones: 1968: Director of Community House in Jászberény, 1976: Professor of Teacher Training College in Jászberény, 1999: Professor of Sociology in Loránd Eötvös University Budapest, Office: Loránd Eötvös University, Faculty of Pedagogy, Budapest. From 2005 to 2014 Leader of Andragogy Program in Doctoral School of Education. Dissertation topic supervisor: Education for Older Adults and Comparative Adult Education. List of publications:



Scholarly activity

Research interest:

        Sociology of Adult Education

        Education for Older Adults

PhD 1992, Habilitation 2002.


Dissertation topic supervisor:

        Comparative Adult Education

        Education for Older Adulta


Recent publications:

1.        Adult Education in Switzerland and Austria (Book), Budapest (1996)

2.        The Role of the Civic Organisations on the Hungarian Adult Education 2002.

Most significant publications: (in foreign Languages)

The Possibility of the Formation of Non-Profit Adult Education in Hungary: considering the development before and after the political change  – In Journal of Adult and Continuing Education Vol. 6. 2004. (Japan) 179-194. ISSN 1343-3210

The Challenge of Modernisation – Education and Adult Education Policy in Hungary, 1950 to the Present – In The Rise and Fall of Adult Education Institutions and Social Movements Peter Lang Frankfurt am Main - Berlin-Bern-New York - Paris - Wien 2000. 61-75. d

Adult Education and the specialist in big enterprises in Hungary -  In Felnőttoktató – Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó Bp., pp. 354-367

Teacher and Society Bp. 1991. Edukáció kiadó 172 p.

The role of secondary schools and urban elites in pre-Socialist Hungary (Recruitment and Local Schooling Policy) - History of Elite Education in Central Europe - Cracow             Conference 25 - 27. April 1996.

Historische und gegenwärtige Typen von Erwachsenenbildnern in Ungarn - In.            Personality and Biography in the History of Adult Education - Peter Lang Berlin-           Bern-New York - Paris - Wien 1998. 137 - 148.

The Role of the New Farmers and Co-operatives in Hungarian Rural Areas – Rurality            in Europe at the threshold of centuries 1999. 75-80.



Professional activity:

         Senior Leader of Andragogy Program in Doctoral School of Education



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